Irish Shipwrecks

Irish Shipwrecks database is a searchable database of ship wrecks on and off the Irish Coast. The intent of this site is to provide maritime researchers and wreck divers with information pertaining to the numerous shipwrecks around the coast of Ireland and to increase awareness of this valuable historical and recreational resource.

The material on this site has been obtained from original sources such as Admiralty and Board of Trade Wreck Returns, The Life Boat Journal, Lloyd's List and contemporary newspapers rather than from recently published books or other maritime websites.

It should be noted that many of these ship wrecks involved wooden vessels which ran ashore where they broke up. Little if any of the wreck would survive considering the nature of the Irish Coast and the severe Atlantic weather. Any remains on or near the shore would likely be eroded over time by wave action. Only vessels which sank in relatively deep water or sheltered bays away from Harbours and shipping lanes are likely to remain in place and intact.

We welcome any relevant information, and are especially interested in wreck locations GPS or Lat & Long , depths, condition and any stories relating to dives on Irish wreck sites.


Latest Irish Ship Wreck Updates
Date Lost Name Nationality Location
11/03/1917  Gracia  Spain  Co Cork 
20/09/1588  San Marcos De Portugale  Portuguese  Quilty County Clare 
28/08/1918  Guide ME II  British  Dublin Bay 
05/12/2001  Incegarth  Ireland  Co Clare 
07/05/1915  Lusitania  British  Old Head of Kinsale Co Cork  
17/03/1917  Mignonette  British  County Cork 
18/03/1917  Alyssum  British  County Cork 
22/03/1917  Malmanger  Norway  County Cork 
01/10/1917  Carrabin  British  County Cork 
21/04/1916  Aud  German  Co Cork 
24/04/1945  Monmouth Coast  British  Sligo 
02/09/1773  Salvaterra  Portaguese  County Clare 
22/06/1782  Salvediction  French  County Clare 
04/01/1916  Kelp  British  County Clare 
04/12/1832  Rival  British  Galway, 
01/03/1917  Mabella  Norway  County Cork 
22/12/1890  Olga  Norway  Cushla Bay Co Galway 
07/03/1867  Neptuno  British  Hook Tower Co Waterford 
10/03/1867  Pellicano  Italian  Off Cape Clear Co Cork 
12/03/1867  Naiad  British  Bearhaven Co Cork 
13/03/1867  Maitland  British  Off Cape Clear Co Cork 
13/03/1867  Utopia  British  Off Cape Clear Co Cork 
17/03/1867  Tavarnes Baston  British  South Bull Co Dublin 
18/03/1867  Achilles  British  Off Valentia Co Cork 
18/03/1867  Charles Souchay  British  Off The Cork Coast 
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