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John Milne   British  Coast of Co Down  1890 

John Milne : 
Owner Natal Harbour Board, Natal 
Flag British  Builder William Simons & Co Renfrew 
Port Renfrew  Build Date 1890 
Official No   Material Steel 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 350 
Ship type Hopper Barge  Dimensions 132.5 | 26 | 10
Ships Role    Rigging Style   
Super Structure
Wreck Location South Rock Lighthouse Coast of Co Down 
Date Lost 01/11/1890  Captain Elliott 
Cause Lost at sea  Crew Lost  
Position   Passengers Lost   
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Yesterday afternoon the Sligo, steamer, Sligo Captain Patterson landed in the Clarence Dock Liverpool sixteen men belonging to the steam hopper barge John Milne Captain Elliott bound from Glasgow to Port Natal.

On Saturday night and during the early hours of yesterday morning a heavy gale was blowing in the Irish Channel and after having been struck by several heavy seas the barge which was in ballast and had on board about 250 tons of coal for her own use suddenly gave indications that she was about to founder.

The crew who were sixteen in number had barely sufficient time to launch their lifeboat and had scarcely time to scramble into it before their vessel entirely disappeared yet not with standing the heavy sea which was running and the crowded state of the boat which was only a small one the men managed to keep it afloat until they were sighted by the steamer Sligo about two hours after their vessel had sunk.

Captain Patterson of the steamer had noticed the small boat tossing about between the isle of Man and the County Down coast and he stopped his vessel at considerable risk in order to come to her assistance he was successful in transferring the whole of the sixteen men from the boat to his own vessel.

Freeman's Journal , Tuesday, November 4, 1890


The John Milne of and from Renfrew for South Africa foundered at 3 o'clock on Sunday off the South Rock Lighthouse ,coast of Down. The captain and crew have been landed at Liverpool by the Sligo (s). The crew escaped in a small boat being only partially dressed and they suffered severly during the night untill they were picked up at day break by the Sligo.

Glasgow Herald Nov 4, 1890
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