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Catherine Richards   British  Ballyheigue Bay Tralee Co Kerry  1891 

Catherine Richards : 
Flag British  Builder Williams Portmadoc 
Port Caernarfon   Build Date 1874 
Official No 70298  Material Wood 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 155 
Ship type Sail Vessel  Dimensions 95.5 | 22.6 | 12.8
Ships Role  Cargo Ship  Rigging Style Schooner  
Super Structure
Wreck Location  Ballyheigue Bay Tralee Co Kerry 
Date Lost 29/12/1891  Captain Forbes 
Cause Wrecked  Crew Lost
Position 52.22 N / 09.50 W  Passengers Lost   
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The Schooner Catherine Richards with a cargo of grain from Africa to Limerick was wrecked yesterday morning in Ballyheigne Bay Kerry coast and it is feared the captain and crew have been lost.

On Tuesday morning the vessel was in Brandon Bay flying distress signals and though a heavy storm was raging some fishermen put out and found the ship was dragging her anchors and drifting to sea.

The master said his crew of six had nothing to eat but a few buscuits and asked the fishermen to bring them bread seeing the vessel was drifting. The fishermen refused to go ashore and return with supplies but offered to take off the crew a few of whom wanted to be taken ashore. The captain would not allow them to leave the vessel which then drifted off and yesterday morning she was discovered by coastguards high on the rocks and firmly wedged.

Some of the Glendiha villagers boarded the ship but found no one aboard. The captain and crew may have escaped being so near the coast but on account of the severe storm this is not considered probable.

Glasgow Herald Friday January 1, 1892


The inquest on the six seamen the crew of the Carnarven Schooner Catherine Richards which was wrecked in Ballyheigue Bay was concluded before Captian Thomas Spring coroner yesterday. The evidence went to show that the vessel was anchored in Brandon Bay and broke from her mooring drifting to sea. The crew left in a boat which was stove in after launching. The vessel had been chartered by Pritchard Brothers Glasgow. The jury found that the crew were drowned while attempting to land in the ship's lifeboat on December 30.

Glasgow Herald Thursday January 7 1892.

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