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Manchester Commerce   British  Tory Island Co Donegal  1914 

Manchester Commerce  : 
Owner Manchester Liners 
Flag British  Builder Furness Withy & Co, West Hartlepool 
Port Manchester  Build Date 1899 
Official No 108846  Material Steel 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 3444 / 5363 
Ship type Steam Ship  Dimensions 430.7 | 48.2 | 30.8
Ships Role  Cargo Vessel  Rigging Style Barquentine  4 masts
Super Structure
Poop Deck 20 ft
Bridge Deck 84 ft
Fore Castle 42 ft. 
Steel Hull.
Moulded Depth 34 ft.
8 Bulkheads.
2 Steel Decks / 3 Tiers Of Beams.
Cellular Double Bottom, Flat Keel. 
Triple Expansion, 3 Cylinder 28",46" & 78" - 54" Stroke.
541 nhp, 1 Screw.
3 Single Ended Boilers 14 ft 9" X 12 ft.
9 Corrugated Furnaces.
Engine by Christopher Furness, Westgarth & Co. Ltd.  
Wreck Location 20 miles North East of Tory Island Co Donegal 
Date Lost 27/10/1914  Captain  
Cause Mined  Crew Lost 14 
Position   Passengers Lost   
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The existence of a German mine field of unknown extent 20 miles north of Tory Island was notified yesterday and an Admiralty warning was issued that shipping passing round the North of Ireland should not pass within 60 miles of the island. The presence of the mines was tragically made known by the news of the foundering of the British steamer Manchester Commerce after striking a mine in the region named.

The following telegram has been received by the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce :-
Mine field reported 20 miles north of Tory Island extent unknown. Warn all outward bound ships to make Skerryvore Lighthouse before going to westward.
Senior Naval Officer, Rathmullen

In confirmation of this telegram the following communication has been received from the Senior Navel Officer. Liverpool :-
I have been instructed by the Admiralty to warn shipping passing round the North of Ireland of the fact that German mines have been laid in those waters. Shipping should therefore not pass within 60 miles of Tory Island. Will you kindly make this known as speedily as possible to all concerned ?

A Lloyd's telegram from Belfast states that the Fleetwood trawler City of London put into Carnlough Bay, Co. Antrim yesterday morning and reported having picked up 30 of the crew of 44 of the Manchester Commerce which foundered after striking a mine, latitude not being stated. The captain and 13 men perished. The survivors are going on to Fleetwood on the trawler and are due there early this morning The Manchester Commerce was outward bound from Manchester.

A report unconfirmed from the coast says that the disaster happened after midnight but this is not regarded as likely Carnlough being only 19 miles from the mouth of Belfast Lough on the north channel and 12 miles from Maiden Lighthouse. A later telegram stated that the Manchester Commerce was supposed to have struck a mine near Tory Island on Monday afternoon.

The Manchester Commerce, belonging to the Manchester Liners (Limited), was a steamer of 5.383 tons, built in 1899, and represented a value of about 55,000. There are indications that her cargo from Manchester for Montreal was not a particularly important one. It would have been insured against war risks at very low rates.

The Times, Wednesday, Oct 28, 1914
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