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Flying Dart   British  Bailey Lighthouse Howth  1890 

Flying Dart : 
Owner George J Kidston 21 Carlton Pl Glasgow 
Flag British  Builder J T Eltringham, South Shields 
Port Glasgow  Build Date 1882 
Official No 86733  Material Iron 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 111 Gr 
Ship type Steam Paddle Tug  Dimensions 100 | 18.1 | 9.4
Ships Role  Steam Tug  Rigging Style   
Super Structure
Wreck Location 2 miles N.E of  Bailey Lighthouse Howth 
Date Lost 12/09/1890  Captain  
Cause Collision  Crew Lost  
Position   Passengers Lost   
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Dublin Wednesday.- Last night about eleven o'clock a collision took place near the Bailey Lighthouse, between the cattle steamer North Wall belonging to the London and North-Western Railway Company and the tug steamer Flying Dart the latter being sunk. All hands on board the Tug six in number were saved by the crew of the London and North-Western steamer who lowered their boats and transferred the men to their own vessel.

Early this morning two of the crew of the tug conveyed on an outside car from the North Wall to Jarvis Street Hospital a man named John Bradford one of their companions who had been seriously injured by the collision. The account which they give of the occurrence is to the effect that the Flying Dart was off Howth with all her lights up on funnel and mast and that the London and North-Western steamer suddenly came in to collision with her and that she sank in about twenty minutes, but within that time the crew of the cross-channel vessel did everything possible to save their lives by promptly lowering their boats and taking them on board.

Bradford, the injured man had a very narrow escape he was a stoker in the engine-room of the tug and when the collision occurred he was so knocked about that he sustained a bad fracture of the collar-bone and injuries about the arms and chest he heard the order "All hands on deck" and scrambled up from the engine room. He was transferred to the London and North-Western steamer just before the Flying Dart sunk.

Bradford, on arriving at Jarvis Street Hospital was placed in one of the accident wards where he was attended by Dr.Levy assisted by Mr. Murphy and Mr. Hamilton. Mr. Hamilton received the report of the collision from the men who convoyed Bradford to the hospital and he states that the men reached the hospital bare-headed the danger of going to the bottom having been so imminent that they had not time to get their hats and they were transferred from the tug to the other vessel with scarcely a sufficiency of clothes.

The steamer was coming from Holyhead to Dublin while the Flying Dart was at the time on the look-out for vessels entering the harbour.

Belfast News-Letter, Thursday. August 14.1890

Wreck of the iron tug steamer Flying Dart for sale built 1882 as she lies about two miles N.E of Bailey Lighthouse, sunk by collision on 12 August.
The lowest or any offer may not necessarily be accepted.
For Particulars apply to Clyde Shipping Co, 35 Eden quay. p7760

Belfast News-Letter Thursday, August 14, 1890
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