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Garnock   British  At Sea  1894 

Garnock : 
Owner Garnock Steam Ship Co. Ltd. - Rowan & Bain, Ayr 
Flag British  Builder Samuel McKnight & Co Ltd, Ayr 
Port Ayr  Build Date 1890 
Official No 94422  Material Steel 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 436 grt / 215 nrt 
Ship type Steam  Dimensions 158.5 ft | 25.1 ft | 11.8 ft
Ships Role  Cargo  Rigging Style   
Super Structure
Well Deck - Quarter Deck 82 ft - Bridge Deck 7 ft - Forecastle 19 ft 
Engine by W Kemp, Glasgow
T.3-cyl. (14", 22½" & 36" x 27") 75 nhp. 
Wreck Location Donegal, At Sea 
Date Lost 20/12/1894  Captain Peter Peebles 
Cause Missing  Crew Lost 11 
Position   Passengers Lost   
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The Loss Of The Garnock

The Ayr Steam Shipping Company have given up hope of the safety of their steamship Garnock which, on a voyage from Glasgow to Galway on the West coast of Ireland, encountered the great gale of 22nd December last and has not since been heard of. The vessel which had been re-classed a few weeks before and had been in every way well found and well manned was last spoken off the north-west coast of Ireland on the previous afternoon and there can now be no doubt that she foundered in the storm.
The following are the crew of the vessel :--
Peter Peebles, Glasgow, master.
Alexander Kerr, Lochranza, mate.
Michael Owens, second mate.
John Higgins, Glasgow, chief engineer.
James Baillte, Glasgow, second engineer.
Hugh Wallace, steward.
Donald Kerr, seaman.
Henry Wooding, seaman.
Fred Campbell, seaman.
Martin Linard, fireman.
Patrick Reedy, fireman.
Derry Journal - Monday 21 January 1895
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