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Oileann Cleire   Irish  Atlantic  1999 

Oileann Cleire : Maureen Rose
Owner Sean and Agnes O’Driscoll, Schull, Co. Cork. 
Flag Irish  Builder Baltimore Boatyard, Ireland. 
Port Dublin  Build Date 1978 
Official No   Material Wood 
    Tonnage nrt/grt / 118 
Ship type Motor Vessel  Dimensions 75 | 23 | 10.7
Ships Role  Fishing Vessel  Rigging Style   
Super Structure
Grenaa - Type 6F24TK 650 hp/485Kw, Driving a 3 bladed variable pitch propeller. 
Wreck Location  Atlantic 
Date Lost 15/05/1999  Captain  
Cause Collision  Crew Lost  
Position 52.40.N / 011.46.W  Passengers Lost   
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Report of the investigation into the collision between the french fishing vessel "Rohellan" and the Irish fishing vessel "Oileann Cleire" The Marine Casualty On Saturday 15 May 1999.

Excert from the Marine Casualty Investigation Board

4.1 The incident occurred at position 52.40.N and 011.46.W on Saturday, 15th May 1999 (See Appendices 8.2 and 8.3).
4.2 The bow of Rohellan struck the port stern of Oileann Cleire at full speed of 11 knots.
4.3 The stern of Oileann Cleire was pushed around and there was a second impact as the port side of Rohellan scraped down the Oileann Cleire .Oileann Cleire began to list over to port.
4.4 The Rohellan had her propeller entangled in the nets of Oileann Cleire that were lying off to the port side of Oileann Cleire which resulted in Rohellan stopping in the water a short distance from Oileann Cleire.
4.5 Immediately following the collision the skipper of Oileann Cleire called Valentia Radio (Coast Radio Station) on medium frequency 2182 k/Cs and informed the radio station that they had been rammed by another fishing vessel and that they were taking water and sinking and requested immediate assistance. Irish Marine Emergency Service (IMES) logged the communication at 1915 and a Mayday Relay broadcast was immediately made.

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