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Osprey   British  Approx 30nm off Inismore  1915 

Osprey : 
Owner Hugh Flinn, Liverpool 
Flag British  Builder Archibald McMillan & Son, Dumbarton 
Port Liverpool  Build Date 1905 
Official No 120839  Material  
    Tonnage nrt/grt 96 / 327 
Ship type Steam Ship  Dimensions 140ft | 23.6ft | 9.8ft
Ships Role  General Cargo  Rigging Style   
Super Structure
Quarter Deck 58 ft,
Forecastle 20 ft,
1 Steel Deck. 
3 Bulkheads,
Flat Keel.
Machinery Aft. 
Triple expansion 3cyl Engine, (13¾, 21 & 34 - 24in), 160lb, 59rhp.
One single ended boiler.
Single screw.
Engine built by By McKie & Baxter, Copland Works, Govan.  
Wreck Location Off Aran Islands Approx 30nm off Inismore 
Date Lost 12/08/1915  Captain David Elliott 
Cause Shelled and Sunk  Crew Lost  
Position   Passengers Lost   
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THE SUNKEN OSPREY, Captain's Story


From German Submarine

Captain David Elliott, of the sunken steamer Osprey, told an interviewer that at seven o'clock on Thursday morning when about thirty miles from Aran a shell burst across his bows. Looking round, they saw a submarine about a mile away. A second shell was fired at them, and than he ordered the crew to get the boat ready and to abandon the ship. After they left her the submarine came alongside and fired six shells in to her. Five minutes later she had gone down. For twelve hours they rowed towards the shore, without food, and it took two men to keep the boat baled out. At 7.30 p.m. they reached Aran, where they were well treated. The shipwrecked Mariners Association is sending them home.

Dublin Evening Telegraph - Monday 16 August 1915

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