Wrecks List
Total Records: 590
Name Nationality Location Date Lost
Harmony   British  Off Dursey Island Co Cork  1867 
Carrara   British  Off Kinsale Co Cork  1867 
Sevarres   British  Off Roches Point Co Cork  1867 
Stonewall Jackson   British  Kinsale Co Cork  1867 
Charles Souchay   British  Off The Cork Coast  1867 
Achilles   British  Off Valentia Co Cork  1867 
Tavarnes Baston   British  South Bull Co Dublin  1867 
Maitland   British  of Cape Clear, Co Cork  1867 
Utopia   British  Off Cape Clear Co Cork  1867 
Naiad   British  Bearhaven Co Cork  1867 
Pellicano   Italian  Off Cape Clear Co Cork  1867 
Neptuno   British  Hook Tower Co Waterford  1867 
Orcadian   British  Tuskar Rock Co Wexford  1867 
Ness   British  Crow Head Co Cork  1867 
Teaser   British  Inishtrahull Co Donegal  1867 
Podesta   German  Clonakilty Bay, Co Cork  1867 
Maria   British  Belfast Lough Co Antrim  1867 
Phoebe Harris   British  Carnsore Point County Wexford  1867 
Johnstone   British  Ballyteigue Bay Co Wexford  1867 
Mentor   Sweden  Ballinskelligs Bar Co Kerry  1867 

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