On-line Journal of Research on Irish Maritime History

On-line Journal of Research on Irish Maritime History.

The objective of this site is to support and promote research into Irish Maritime History. The site includes some general maritime history and general Irish history.

Lugnad.ie will publish articles, as well as identifying articles on other sites we will provide some material which may be of assistance to researchers suggest libraries, museums and other locations. We will review books, list lecture programs and make other announcements. The overall objective is to promote an appreciation of our maritime history.

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Crew List Index Project

merchant seafarers on British registered ships for the years 1861 to 1913.

The Crew List Index Project (CLIP) started as a project to improve access to the records of British merchant seamen for the last part of the nineteenth century - mainly by indexing records at local record offices throughout the UK.

CLIP is run as an independent voluntary project by Pete and Jan Owens. The original transcription was carried out by a team of volunteers throughout Britain - these heroes are listed on our acknowledgements page.

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Miramar Ship Index

Rodger Haworths historical database listing both merchant powered ships of about 100 gross register tons and above and naval ships of even smaller tonnage displacement; and also composite, iron & steel sailing ships.

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